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MidiPhonics is a dynamic English learning program that provides a multimedia approach to introduce the alphabet, letter sounds, and the blending of sounds.

Through integrated readers, phonics-based activities, songs and multi-platform learning engines, children build a strong foundation in phonemic awareness and develop the ability to read with confidence.

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Introduction | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish


MidiPhonics is designed based on the synthetic phonics approach (also known as blended phonics). Blended phonics is a method of teaching children to link letters or groups of letters to the sounds they represent, and then blend these letter sounds together to read words.

Letters and sounds are introduced through a set of dedicated readers in print and interactive formats. Children can listen to words, as well as the blending of individual sounds that form words. At the same time, children acquire new vocabulary including commonly used sight words.

Learning is further reinforced through flashcards, worksheets, interactive activities and jingles that incorporate new sounds and words as they are introduced.

Approach | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish


Student Pack | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Student Pack

The MidiPhonics Student Pack comprises readers, workbook, posters and flashcards. These print materials are supported by interactive content used in the classroom, and reinforced in the home learning app.

Classroom Multimedia | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Classroom Multimedia

Classrooms are equipped with the MidiPhonics Interactive Multimedia Library - a treasure trove of e-readers, songs, lessons and games designed to work on the interactive whiteboard or projector. These resources make learning fun and help children to prolong their attention span.

Readers and Jingles | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Readers and Jingles

The program uses the blended phonics approach to teach reading. Each word in the e-readers has pre-recorded voiceover to help children decode the word, say the individual sounds, before blending them together as one word. Catchy jingles and songs are also included to reinforce learning in a fun and engaging way.

Lessons and Games | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Lessons and Games

Animated lessons are used to introduce new sounds and help children acquire the skills to read new words. Interactive activities accompanying each unit make learning fun and exciting, while motivating children to learn more.

Home Learning App | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Home Learning App

With the Home Learning app, learning is extended from the classroom to self-learning at home. Children can read the animated readers; sing jingles and songs; play word activities; and improve their reading skills with the built-in speech recognition function.

Teacher Resources | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Teacher Resources

Teachers are provided with teaching resources, including lesson guides and teaching suggestions. The program comes with a Teacher Support app for use on mobile devices to view workbook pages, lesson guides, program information and training videos.

Monitor Progress | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

Monitor Progress

Built-in assessment tracking tools are included in the Teacher Support App and the Student Home Learning App. Teachers and parents can track the progress a child has made in phonics and speech exercises that come with the Student App.

MidiPhonics (3-year Program)

MidiPhonics is a 3-year program that comprises a Starter and 6 levels of study.

●  Starter: The Alphabet
●  Level 1: Beginning Sounds
●  Level 2: CVC (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) Words
●  Level 3: Word Families /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/
●  Level 4: S-Blends, L-Blends, R-Blends
●  Level 5: Digraphs, Long Vowels /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/
●  Level 6: R-controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Hard and Soft Sounds, Silent Letters, Variant Vowels

Levels | MidiPhonics | MidiEnglish

MidiPhonics Express (1-year Program)

MidiPhonics Express is a one-year program that prepares students for primary levels. It is recommended for students who have not completed MidiEnglish at kindergarten levels. The program comprises 2 levels (A and B).

●  Level A: Beginning Sounds, Word Families and Blends
●  Level B: Digraphs, Long Vowels, R-controlled Vowels, Diphthongs, Hard and Soft Sounds, Silent Letters, Variant Sounds

MidiPhonics Express

MidiEnglish Free Trial is applicable only to schools and language learning centers.